Getting Started (Again)

With the new year, there is the inevitable looking back and looking forward. One of the things that I have realized is that I would like to start writing and publishing more. This is not a New Year’s resolution — those rarely work for me. Rather, this is a commitment I making to myself to start writing every day and to publish something at least once a week. That seems like a reasonable goal. I am curious to see where I stand six months from now.

By the way, my theme for this year (thanks GCP and Myke) is “Engage”. The word conjures images of Captain Picard telling his crew to enable the warp drive on the Enterprise. I like how simple it sounds but appreciate all the effort that goes behind such a simple order. With one word, Picard puts in motion all the actions and systems it takes to move a giant starship across the far flung reaches of space. If he can do that with a single word, surely I can make some changes and improvements in my life. Engage, indeed.