Dell reportedly planning Chinese chip purge by 2024 • The Register

The PC and tech infrastructure maker has told suppliers to significantly reduce the volume of components sourced from China in its products, including those made in the country by non-Chinese manufacturers, according to a report in Nikkei Asia, which cites anonymous sources “with direct knowledge of the matter.”

Dell reportedly planning Chinese chip purge by 2024 • The Register

This is an interesting trend to follow in the new year. Supposedly Apple is looking to move at least some of their assembly away from China as well. Diversity in supply chain brings complexity of course but provides some much needed resilience in my opinion.

Fixing Blurred Images on Twitter in Safari

I came across this setting today which solved an issue I have been having with Twitter not displaying high resolution images. Whenever I loaded Twitter, I would see blurred images that contained a prompt to that I had to click to see the image. Annoying and only seemed to happen on Safari (not Chrome or Edge).

The fix is to tweak the setting shown in the image below – hopefully it’s not blurry :-). You need to deselect (uncheck) the Data Saver option. This will allow Twitter to download higher resolution images on page load, instead of giving you the blurry version. Of course if you are on a low bandwidth connection, you may want to leave this setting checked.